"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

Joy Green

Speaker, Author, Model


Joy started out on the modeling scene at age 15, modeling for Kaiser Permanente while training with Barbizon, San Francisco. Fast forward, Joy has continued to peruse her career in entertainment. Most recently, you can see her commentating as a featured guest on TMZ Live and as an International Spokesperson for Proactv+ UK. She has appeared in nationwide commercials and was the winning contestant on GTVs hit show, Mind of a Man.

Along her journey, Joy expanded her love for volunteerism, teaming up with The Fulfillment Fund and AIDS Foundation to raise money and mentor students in Los Angeles.   

Stepping out on the entrepreneurial front, she opened Lace and Happiness, an upscale women's fashion boutique in 2015 and is writing the first installment to her book series', "The Joy I've Found"; a life story of survival, hardship, and spiritual growth to inspire young women to push beyond interpersonal challenges and social stigmas.   

With 20+ years’ experience in the entertainment arena, added wisdom and experience, her passion to inspire and touch the masses will continue to push her to fulfill her legacy. 

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